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What is Crypto Truth Seekers?

Crypto Truth Seekers or "CTS" is hosted by Jennifer Collins, Psychic Intuitive. With a weekly ArtistsFirst international radio show and a YouTube Channel with new videos posted 3-4x a week to provide you with the most current and relevant topics related to the metaphysical.

Crypto Truth Seekers Weekly Online Radio Show

Crypto Truth Seekers or "CTS" is an ArtistsFirst international radio show with over five million listeners that has a variety of guests, authors and celebrities, where we discuss topics on: paranormal, metaphysical, conspiracy theories, UFO's, controversial news and more. This is the place to get real news, facts and theories. Answering some of your questions into the unknown mysteries of life.

Truly a program that's out of this world.

Crypto Truth Seekers YouTube Channel

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Previous Crypto Truth Seekers Guests
  • Robert Stanley from UNICUS Magazine Enki, Lucifer Agenda

  • James Rollins #1 New York Times Seller Author

  • Lisa Gardner #1 New York Times bestselling Author

  • Dr. Richard Allen Miller Paranormal, X-Files, Navy Seal Remote viewer training

  • Scott Allen Roberts Author TV personality, The Secret History Of the Reptilians

  • Dannion Brinkley Author and Movie Saved by the light

  • James Gilliland Author owner of the ET. ECETI Ranch

  • Ross Allison AGHOST Author

  • Jeff Daugherty YouTube Channel Christian Whistle-blower

  • David Weatherly Author Black eyed Children/Haunted Toys

  • R Wayne Steiger Radio and YouTube Personality Philosopher

  • Gemini Brett Earthstrology Sacred Astrology

    And Many more..

Crypto Truth Seekers

Hosted by Jennifer Collins
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